This is not an aggressive rant. It's not a post to nag. It's an acknowledgement and a commitment to wanting to be here, writing, sharing, and not keeping it all inside. I'm so tired of the Instagram addiction. …

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It’s one of those weekends, where the outside world is so far away, where the bed is left unmade, and the eyes stay puffy for a while.

Come sit with me, it’s one of those weekends, where the sun casts its morning light in oscillations, swinging back and forth with…

A few words to remind you to be kind to yourself.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

It’s been a year of creation,

supply and contemplation,

the year of words and silence,

of thoughts and ever guidance.

It’s been the year of thriving,

of shuffling, kicking & driving

Where time indeed has slowed

The end, low and behold.

It’s time for resolution

Look back with no confusion

Make peace with your past

They say this too shall pass.

It’s time for some unwinding,

sit back and start rewinding

Bring back the good

as though you should

Be grateful

and beguiling.

Happy Holidays x


With the holiday season just around the corner, I had some time to reflect upon what makes certain gatherings more special than others. Despite being (thankfully) alive in 2020, most of us are not getting the opportunity to mingle with others, some of us are arranging Zoom gatherings, others are…

I wait for the day I can watch my memories on a vivid screen,

and binge on them like I would do with a modern show.

I wait to meet all the versions of me

as they wrote my present,

as they felt my feelings,

as they weaved moments of…

Perhaps it’s best

for me to rest,

rest my head

upon this nest

The nest we’ve woven

with songs and more,

the nest we’ve cherished

with love galore

In time I found you

the same piece I lost,

a piece of a home

still shiny, still glossed ✨

3:52. A message from my dad tells me mum is still asleep. She has been asleep for 13 hours now.

I asked myself if that was a bad sign, yet the more rationale side of a daughter said “people sleep when they have a headache, let alone being actually sick”.

Alternatively, time could freeze

and I could write and look outside

Simultaneously -

Never miss a moment of this

The discipline of the rain

The stillness of the wind

I can see what is not there.

Treat all alike

This is the philosophy here -

It’s gone calmer

A garbage truck is heard

The morning is always calm

Definitive, no. Inaccurate.

I am certain

I am a fish and water is my joy.

Do you believe in these?

The mystics that unite us?

Water runs through me,


But green is my color,

Am I not a daughter of this Earth?

The wind is here

I see what now is there

The leaves sway

The drops have ceased -


It’s the holy month as many people refer to it. Ramadan.

A month of discipline, fasting, self-reflection, and faith.

A month of love, family, and traditions.

A month of no food and lots of food.








A month celebrated by Muslims, something I wondered…

I sat down reading the intricately descriptive interview with the lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers, casually entertained by the journalist’s ability to visually capture the shy pop star, the former rocker kid whose music was a pillar during my younger years. …


One day I asked myself “What are you going to leave behind?” and everything changed.

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