Some friendships are more cosmic than others, here's how.

With the holiday season just around the corner, I had some time to reflect upon what makes certain gatherings more special than others. Despite being (thankfully) alive in 2020, most of us are not getting the opportunity to mingle with others, some of us are arranging Zoom gatherings, others are trying to get by with the minimum number of allowed visitors, and some are totally isolated. Be it as it may, it's not easy to accept that the coming 2 weeks will be different than the usual. But there's a deep comfort when one remembers that human connection is the only thing that kept us all sane during this rollercoaster year. Some people developed stronger friendships as they got more in touch with their spirituality and went inside. Conversations blossomed. They glittered and shone. And as I witnessed relationships growing stronger in my own personal life, I got inspired one evening to write about those special nights.

What you're about to read is a piece I wrote in nostalgia

"There’s something about those evenings, where the world shuts down and makes way for connections to flood the night. There’s something about humans getting together and opening the doors to their souls, where a light exchange happens one by one, word by word, laugh by laugh, weaving threads that make a bridge from one person’s heart to the other.

Those are the nights where the magic happens, where the energy flows and the eyes glow. Doors open to make way for thoughts. They open to make way for storytelling and a sense of lavish joy. They open to let the others in. These nights are exclusive, novel, special. They are the nights when the vulnerable stand up, and shed away their armor of shyness. But they are also the nights where the regulars display their reliable, comfortable aura, where friends turn more and more into family.

These nights bring a sense of joy, but also a sense of strange, strong melancholy, as the night wraps its dark blankets closer and closer, as the conversations get more and more intimate, making ways for hugs and sweet smiles…the night bids a fond farewell to the moments, as they gradually fleet into goodnights and goodbyes."

So why do I believe some friendships are more cosmic than others? For now I'd rather explain it in the subtle feelings that the above words triggered in you. And boy, do I hope I managed to move your feelings. As a writer, I find myself more fluent in drafting pieces (that's what I call my writings) that trigger emotions; pieces that can carry a reader afloat and take them up a journey into the ether. I am a Pisces, and they say that's the horoscope closest to the other side.

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Much love and stardust,


(Stay Home, Stay Safe 🏠)

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